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Blockstruct GmbH

Blockchain platform and applications development company, based in Vienna, Austria and with offices in Malaga, Spain, London, UK, Gospic, Croatia and Novi Sad, Serbia.
We’re developing the world’s best business-focused blockchain platform: 0bsnetwork, and applications for real world use of blockchain technology based on it. Using JavaScript – React, C#, Python, Java, Scala, Android and iOS native, etc.

Business Analysis

An application is only as good as its requirements! We ensure our developers work closely with business analysis so software is delivered to specification, using agile methodology and early feedback. 

Secure Development

Experienced in development within secure organisations, and no stranger to penetration tests, we ensure all our development and applications adhere to the latest security standards to stand up to any audit.

Quality Assurance

We use the latest tools and services, and a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure we create reliable dependable software.


Blockchain Software Development

Whether it’s an App for mobile, a web app, both, or even a script, we cover expertise in all areas of software development. Combining this with Blockchain knowledge and experience, allows us to build end to end decentralised applications and platforms. Not only that, we have a Blockchain to put it all on!


What We Offer

Here’s a list of all our services, but if you don’t see something you need, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. 
We can assign an account manager to complement your own experience and skills to ensure the best productivity and working relationship. 

System Design

Business Analysis, Architecture, Visual Design, User Experience Design, Technical planning 

Application Development

Native Mobile & Tablet App Development, Cross Platform Mobile Development, Web Application Development, API Design and Development, Cryptography, Documentation, Scripting

Infrastructure & Support

Hosting, Infrastructure Support, Application Support, Cloud, Technical Support, Infrastructure Design, DevOps

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